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48 hours in Prague: What you should not miss under any circumstances

Prague is legend. Prague is magic. Prague is romance. And now you can enjoy the best of this city on a weekend getaway. Because, in addition to offering you Play and Tour’s audio guide to help you get around the city at your leisure – also available for iPhone  and Android FOR FREE– here we offer you the ultimate tour to discover the must-see sights of Prague in two days. And don’t forget to wear comfortable footwear – you’ll need it. Such is the fate of the tourist, don’t you think? Get up early to see as much as possible in the shortest time, although, if you’re familiar  ...

  Budapest, Prague

How to travel from Prague to Budapest

Many tourists who come to Prague also visit Budapest. Because they’re relatively close to each other. In fact, Vienna and Bratislava are also not too far. You can even visit Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest city. But anyway, I don’t want to talk about too many destinations today. On the contrary. I’m not going to talk about any in particular, but how to travel from Prague to Budapest. Here we go! Prague to Budapest by train: For me, the most pleasant option. OK, I admit it: I love travelling by train and I am currently saving up for a trip on the Trans-Mongolian someday. But  ...