New York

A walk through Central Park

Strolling through the lung of Manhattan is one of the favourite activities of many New Yorkers and, obviously, tourists. Perhaps most magical thing about this huge park is that every time you visit it has something new to offer. For the multifarious characters you are bound to come across, for the film sets you will stumble onto, for the groups of skaters, the flocks of Japanese tourists, the palette of colours offered by the trees and plants, for the events taking place all around you, and for the many other things you are sure to come across when you visit the park…

Here we propose a walking itinerary that may well take a whole morning. A long morning that, if you stop for lunch in the park, may well become a whole day. Of course, Central Park has many more attractions to offer, but we feel this route is essential, especially if it’s your first time in New York. May we remind you that the PLAYandTOUR New York audio guide features 150 points of interest, more than 10 of which are found in Central Park.

That said, we recommend you download the free map of New York so you don’t miss out on any of the city’s attractions when you visit.

Here we go with the itinerary!

On this occasion we recommend starting from the Columbus Circle entrance, where you will find the monument to the USS Maine (A).

Keep walking till you get to the Wollman Rink, where the ice-rink is established in winter, and continue on to The Pond (B). If you’re traveling with kids, here you are right next to the zoo. You can tell them that are characters from the film Madagascar are from there, and then go in. They’ll love it.

Continue on towards the great Central Park carrousel and, whether you’re with children or not, get on board and take some great photos (C).

Head north and take The Mall, probably the busiest pathway in Central Park due to the number of New Yorkers and tourists who use it daily. At the end you will come to the famous Bethesda Fountain, which has appeared so many times in films and series (D).

From here, head towards Bow Bridge, the very essence of ‘romantic’ (E), then continue northeast, as if you were heading for the MET, and not forgetting to take in the sculpture of Alice in Wonderland (F). By the way, near the MET is the obelisk that is the pair of Cleopatra’s Needle, in London.

Continue to Turtle Pond (G) and hire a little boat to experience this classic as it should be done while admiring the view of Belvedere Castle.

Finally, go to the west of the park and head south, skirting The Lake (G), then head to Strawberry Fields to finish your itinerary with a word that is both a phrase and a philosophy in itself: imagine.


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