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The High Line Park in New York, an oasis at 9 meters high

On occasion our customers become our best guides. And on this particular occasion, Alba Garcia has sent us some great pictures of her very recent trip to New York. They’re fabulous. From the bottom of my heart, a huge THANK YOU 🙂

Among the many photographs she sent us, we have chosen a few of The High Line Park. Do you know what I’m talking about?

The High Line was originally built in the 30s in an effort to raise freight trains above the city streets. I’m sure you’ve seen this in films. Today, however, this track has become completely obsolete, and since 2008 has been skilfully remodelled as a park for the enjoyment of New Yorkers. And tourists, of course. The truth is that it is a real 9-metre-high oasis that manages to escape the hectic pace of life on the streets below.

So you don’t miss it, here you have a map of the current layout of the park, though there are plans to continue extending it northwards. Obviously, you can’t access the High Line Park from any corner, so you just have to look for stairs or lifts that take you up. Where are they? You will find them marked on the map. Red mark: stairs + lift. Green mark: stairs only.

Ver The High Line Park, Nueva York en un mapa más grande

This railway originally consisted of more than 20 kilometres of track, which departed from the factories and warehouses of the Meatpacking District to the rest of New York, from Tenth Avenue northwards.

Curiously enough this avenue had become known as Death Avenue. Why? Well, the trains would hurtle by late in the night and accidents involving pedestrians were very, very frequent. What solution was devised? A group called The West Side Cowboys would gallop in front of these huge, heavy freight trains waving a red flag warning sign. Yes, it was just like they were herding the cattle, though in this case the cattle had already been slaughtered 😉


Accidents still happened, however. One after another. So finally the idea for the High Line was put forward. That is, the railway was raised 9 metres. The solution worked and lasted a few years. However, in the mid-1950s road transport became much more effective and sections of the High Line began to be demolished. Finally, in 1980, the last trainload of thousands of frozen turkeys used the line.

So the track remained completely abandoned until a non-profit association presented a project for transforming it into a landscaped walkway. A great success! Today, the High Line Park is an attraction that is well worth visiting, if only to get a different view of New York.



May we remind you that, should you discover any nook or cranny that has captured your imagination in any other city covered by PLAYandTOUR, you can write and send photos to We will be happy to publish them and share them with the rest of community 🙂 Again, Alba, thanks for your photos!

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